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air conditioning maintenance For air conditioning service in Orlando and anywhere in Central Florida, people count on the top-quality workmanship from Schwenn Services. There are many things that can be done to not only make your AC system keep you cooler, but use less energy as well. Sometimes all that’s needed is a simple repair, but replacement can often be a good choice too.

At Schwenn Services, we are dedicated to helping all of our customers stay comfortably cool during the hot months of the year. Beyond that, we care about saving you money on your energy bills. With the right repairs, proper replacement, and maintenance service, we can make that happen.

Regular maintenance is important if you want to make sure you’re getting the most from your AC system. We can provide the right maintenance program for you that keeps your system in good working condition, and that fits into your budget as well.

Energy Savings Maintenance Programs

Silver Program - 1 Year Coverage
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  • (2) Semi Annual precision tune-ups
  • Additional 5% parts discount
  • Please contact us for most recent pricing
Gold Program - 2 Year Coverage
  • (4) Semi Annual precision tune-ups
  • Additional 5% parts discount
  • No overtime charge
  • Please contact us for most recent pricing
Platinum Program - 3 Year Coverage
  • (6) Semi Annual precision tune-ups
  • Additional 10% parts discount
  • No overtime charge
  • Please contact us for most recent pricing
Our energy savings maintenance programs provide you with the precision tune-ups your Power Utility and A/C Manufacturer recommend in order to maximize cooling, heating, and energy efficiency.

Benefits:green earth
  • Lower Utility Bills
  • Extended Equipment Life
  • Fewer Repairs
  • Improved Cooling Capacity
  • 15% Parts Discount
  • Priority Customer
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service
  • No-Hassle Scheduling

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Precision Tune-Up Includes: Air Handler
  1. Inspect / tighten all electrical connections
  2. Compare capacitor MFD against manufacturer specs
  3. Evaluate evaporator coil and air handler cabinet
  4. Measure and record amperage readings of blower motor
  5. Check blower wheel for build up and proper balance
  6. Inspect drain pan and treat with antibacterial pan treatment
  7. Clear condensate drain with shop vacuum or nitrogen
  8. Verify thermostat mounting, operation, and accuracy
  9. Inspect heat strip components and safeties
  10. Measure and record amperage from electric heat strip
  11. Confirm float switch operation
  12. Wash or replace air filter (provided by customer)
  13. Take temperature spilt to help  system efficiency
  1. Measure and record amperage of condenser fan motor
  2. Lubricate motor and visually check condenser fan blade for damage
  3. Check refrigerant pressures and verify proper heat exchange
  4. Compare compressor amperage readings with manufacturers specs
  5. Take MFD readings on capacitors and compare with manufacturers specs
  6. Inspect all electrical components for damage (Contactors, defrost boards, etc)
  7. Check all valves, caps, and cores for refrigerant leaks
  8. Visually inspect condenser coil and clean if necessary
  9. Clean equipment exteriors and remove debris (leaves, dirt, etc)
  10. Take superheat and sub-cooling readings to verify charge is correct
Heat Pump (If applicable)
  1. Inspect reversing valve, coil, and defrost board
  2. Verify operation and test defrost cycle
  3. Confirm operation of crank case heater
Our Service Department is ready to take care of any issues you may be having with your Air Conditioning system. We have highly trained personnel who are capable of working on any type of system. We are able to service a wide range of equipment, from large commercial chillers to typical residential air conditioners. As a Schwenn Mechanical customer, you will get a 'small company' experience with quick response times and service with a personal touch, with the highly trained technicians and resources of a 'large company'.

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Schwenn Services is fully licensed, bonded and insured Orlando air conditioning Insulation Company offering reliable AC service in Florida for over 25 years. Our customer's satisfaction always comes first, and reliable, quality service is guaranteed.

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Our technicians are skilled on every major brand and can provide quality, energy-efficient, and reliable AC repair at an affordable price.

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