Schwenn Services Successfully Prepares Health First at Cape Canaveral Hospital for Hurricane Season

Schwenn Services recently completed a major hurricane preparedness project for Health First at Cape Canaveral Hospital. The goal of this project was to install a domestic water connection at the entrance to the hospital on Hwy 520. This would allow for a water tanker truck connection in the event of a major hurricane or other circumstances where the hospital water supply may be interrupted. This connection will allow for a continual supply of safe water to the hospital.

Water shutdown was necessary for this project, which provided the opportunity for other repairs to be made in the facility. In total, four Schwenn teams were hard at work throughout the hospital to complete these tasks. The scope of work required a large amount of pre-project planning to run successfully. Coordination was required between the hospital, staff and local water authority to temporarily turn off the water supply for the installation of the pipe connection. Other tasks included: prefabrication of stainless steel piping, valves and fittings, field fabrication and installation of the designed system.

Not only did the teams from Schwenn efficiently complete the above in the mandated 4-hour time frame, but they also performed leak checking, quality inspection and recommissioning of the hospital domestic water supply. The project was completed within the requested time limit and to the customer’s satisfaction. Schwenn Services is proud to be trusted to perform such a vital, life-saving project and we would like to thank our customer, Health First as well as all of our staff involved.

Project Management was performed by Jeff Schwenneker, Sr. & Thomas Stevens.